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FAQ overview

Can I have my order delivered outside Pakistan?

Currently we only ship to locations within Pakistan. However, you can place your orders from anywhere in the world.

Can I pre-order a product?

Product availability for per-order depends mainly on the vendors. If the option is available, it will clearly be mentioned on the product screen, and also advertised on the website and through the Facebook and Twitter pages.

Can my billing address and shipping address be different?

Yes, you can have your orders delivered to any address in Pakistan, which may be different than the billing address. At the time of placing the order, you are asked for a billing address and a shipping address. You can also have more than one shipping address for your account.

Do all products on the website come with warranties & after sales support?

When you purchase any product from our website you are guaranteed the highest quality after sales support. Warranties for products differ based on their respective vendors.

Do I have to pay any taxes on the products I order?

The prices are inclusive of all applicable taxes and duties.

Do you have a return policy?

Products available on are directly from the vendors’ virtual shops. These vendors are the official distributors / manufacturers of the brands and products displayed on, and they carry their own returns procedures. In general though, returns are available where products do not match their specifications, or are found defective or faulty during use.

Do you sell replicad, imitationd, or counterfeit products? is committed to providing you access to original productsd, there is no room for counterfeit or replica products on We ensure that all products are sourced from original manufacturers and distributors, to give you the quality and promise you deserve.

Do you sell replicad, imitationd, or counterfeit products? is committed to providing you access to original productsd, there is no room for counterfeit or replica products on We ensure that all products are sourced from original manufacturers and distributors, to give you the quality and promise you deserve.

How can I cancel my order?

If you have already made the payment but have not received your package as yet, you may cancel your order by calling our Call Center or by emailing us at [email protected]

How do I complete or checkout an order?

Once your shopping cart has all the items that you wish to purchased, it’s time to checkout by making payments and entering your delivery address. This is made much easier if you’ve already registered with You’ll be asked to enter information for:

  • Billing Information
  • Shipping Method
  • Payment Information
1. Billing Information
  • If you’ve signed in to, the billing information will already be entered into the billing information screen.
  • If you haven’t registered with, you will be required to enter your Name and Address. You’ll also have an easy option to register at this point in if you like.
  • At the bottom of both screen SD, there will be an option to ‘Ship to this address’ or ‘Ship to a different address’. This is important if you like to pay with a credit card and need to ship your product to an address different to the one linked to your bank information. If you select ‘Ship to a different address’ you’ll be taken to a similar screen titled ‘Shipping Information’ where you’ll enter the address where you want the product shipped to. Once you’re done entering the required information, click on the continue button
2. Shipping Method
  • The shipping method will give you the option of choosing from the following options:
  • 3 business days
  • Next working day
  • Specific delivery date

Each option will have its cost to you next to it so that you can select what works best for you. You can also add notes or comments to your order, such as "deliver between 10am and 2pm" which will be read by courier service. Click Continue to proceed to Payment Options.

3. Payment Information
  • At the top of the payment information screen shows you a summary of the information you’ve entered so far for your Billing Information and Shipping Method. It’s a good idea to review this and make any changes if necessary.
  • The second section of the Payment Information screen shows you an order summary including the products you ordered, their priced, quantity, subtotal, cost of shipping method and Grand Total.
  • The third section of the screen lets you select how you’d like to make your payment. For more information on the different types of payment options and their requirements visit the Payments FAQ section.
  • The final step in completing your online shopping is to click on ‘Place Order’. Once you place your order, you’ll receive a Order Number and confirmation email address. Make sure you save that until you receive your order since it can be used for tracking your shipment and other queries related to your purchase.
How do I pay cash at the

Once the items you wish to purchase have been added to your cart, follow the steps below to use Cash at Express Center to make your payment:

  • Click ‘Proceed to Check Out’
  • Fill in the ‘Billing Information’ and ‘Shipping Method’ forms.
  • In the Payment Information form, select ‘Cash’d, this will open up the ‘Pay at’ drop down.
  • In the ‘Pay at’ drop down select ‘Express Center’ (see image below).
  • Click on ‘Place Order’. Please note down your Order Number which will be provided to you at the Thank You screen.
  • In order to complete your transaction, please proceed to any of the our office near you
  • You will need to provide the our office representative with your Order number and the amount payable (check your email or My Account for the amount payable against your order).

Once you have made your payment, the our representative will give you your transaction receipt.

How do I pay cash on delivery?

Once all items you wish to purchase have been added to your cart, follow the steps below to pay with cash.

  • Click ‘Proceed to Check Out’
  • Fill in the ‘Billing Information’ and ‘Shipping Method’ forms
  • In the Payment Information form, select "Cash on Delivery".
  • Click on "Confirm Now Note your Order Number which will be provided to you at the Thank You screen
  • Your package will be delivered via courier before or on the expected delivery date
  • You’ll be asked for the required amount in cash at the time of the delivery and will be provided with a receipt along with your purchase.
  • Click Proceed
  • Click on ‘Place Order’.

Please note down your Order Number which will be provided to you at the Thank You screen.

How do I place an order?

Once you have found the product you want, it’s time to place your order! There are three ways you can place your order:

  • Ordering through the Product Screen
  • Add to Cart Button
  • Using the Quick View Option
1. Ordering through the Product Screen

When ordering through the product screen you can enter the quantity of products that you want in the quantity field and click ‘Add to Cart’. This way, you can purchase 2 or 3 pieces of the same product without repeating the process!

Clicking on the ‘Add to Cart’ button will take you to your Shopping Cart screen where you’ll see a list of the products you’ve selected, the priced, quantity, subtotals and grand total. Once you’ve added all products into your shopping cart click the ‘Proceed to Checkout’ to complete your shopping.

2. Add to Cart Button from the Categories Screen

On the categories screen, there’s an option to add to cart which you can use if you already know the details of the product.

3. Ordering through Quick View

When you place your mouse over a product in the category viewd, you’ll get the Quick View option. By clicking it, you will get a summary of the product including Priced, Availability, and a Quick Overview. You will also have an option to ‘Add to Cart’ if you wish to purchase the product.

How do I register with

Registering with is easy. You can either

  • Create a unique account on;
  • Log in with your Facebook account
How do I return the product I purchased in case of a problem?

The product warranty claims / service center will determine the appropriate processed, in which cases the product may be either fixed or replaced, as determined by the vendor.

How do you ensure all your products are original or authentic?

We research and identify the vendors of each product from the regional and global headquarters for each brand and company. This way we can guarantee that they are the original product distributors in Pakistan.

How will I be refunded if I cancelled my order before delivery?

If you cancel your order before it was delivered, you will be refunded by receiving credits on your Hit Mobile account which you can use to make future purchases.

If you would prefer to be reimbursed via cheque, you may request the same by calling our Call Center or email us at [email protected] You should receive the cheque within 2 – 3 weeks of your request.

How will assist me if I need to make a warranty claim?

All warranty claims will be dealt with the vendor directly at their respective service centers. However, in the case of a warranty claim, can help you with the following:

Information and guidance

Our Customer Service representatives can help you identify the warranty claim as well as direct you to the location of the vendor’s service center. Our Customer Service representatives will also guide you as to what steps you need to take in order to claim your product’s warranty.

Pick up

One of our representatives can pick up the product from your premises and deliver it to the vendor’s service center. In this case a service charge may be applicable at the time of pick up.

It should be noted that none of our staff (coordinators or couriers) are responsible for checking the product for warranty verification purposes at any time. Their responsibility is only to provide you information or pick up the product from your premises and deliver it to the respective vendor’s service center.

In how much time would I have to pay for an order I have placed?

After placing your order, you have a maximum of 5 days to make the payment. If the payment is not made within this span of timed, your order will be cancelled automatically.

What happens if I’m not there when my order is delivered?

Generally, all shipments will be delivered between 11am and 8pm between Mondays and Saturdays. If you are not available, you may be contacted by our representative to determine the next possible time to visited, or to whom the order can be handed over in your absence.

What if my order is not delivered?

No problem. In case you don’t receive your ordered, or your order is shipped to the wrong addressed, you may register a complaint with our email us at [email protected]

What if the product I want is ‘Out of Stock’?

Product inventory is maintained by the vendor of the product, if a product runs out, it will either not be visible on the website or it will be marked as "Out of Stock". An estimated lead time for order fulfillment will be informed upon inquiry.

What is the Account Dashboard?

The Account Dashboard is the central information hub for all your activity on You can:

  • • My Account – a dashboard view your recent orders, account information, billing and shipping addressed, and newsletters you have signed up to receive by email
  • • Account Information – view / update your personal information, and newsletter subscriptions
  • • Address Book – view / update your billing and shipping addresses
  • • My Orders – summary of your orders placed, with status and amounts, and an option to reorder
  • • My Product Reviews –list of product reviews you have submitted on
  • • My Wishlist – list of products you have selected to include in your wishlist
  • • Newsletter Subscriptions – list of subscriptions you have placed
  • • My Credit – your credit balance with usd, paid in advance
When will my order be delivered?

The delivery time frame is between 2 days and up to 5 days, depending on the size and availability of the product nearest to you.

Orders are processed before 2 p.m. on a work day and are generally scheduled for delivery the following work day, except:

  • where they are to arrive from a different city than where the customer resides;  or
  • there is a delay in the availability of the product from the vendor.
When will you have special offers or deals on products and how will I know?

Deals and promotions will be advertised on products regularly on the website and through our Facebook and Twitter Pages & along with other on-ground and media activities.

Where can I find the warranty information for a specific product?

The warranty information for each product is available in its product description on the Hit Mobile website. In the case a product does not come with a warranty from the official distributors, this will also be clearly stated in the "Additional Information" on the product page.

Where will my order be delivered?

When placing your ordered, you will be asked to enter your complete address under the ‘Billing Information’tab. At the bottom of this screen, there will be two options:

  • Ship to this address
  • Ship to different address

By selecting "Ship to this address", the package will be delivered to the address you first entered. If you select the "Ship to different address" you will be asked to provide the address you wish the package to be shipped to.

Which countries do you ship to?

Current, we only ship to locations in Pakistan, however you can place the orders for the products from anywhere around the world, to be delivered in Pakistan.

Which products are available on

Our first floor features all mobile devices sale in Pakistan.

Why should I update my Account Information?

Updating your account will help us identify the right products that you may be interested in. Also, but keeping all your information up to date you won’t have to re-enter your details when shopping on lined, making the process easier.